Discover Dutch Dance

HOUSE of DJ’s is a globally unique concept that will become the permanent showcase for Dutch Dance. A gathering point  and breeding ground for dj’s and an enormous attraction for tourists who want to learn more about the secrets of the Dutch Dance which has become famous throughout the world.


On this holy ground, which HOUSE of DJ’s will be, dance fans and dj’s will come together to write history. HOUSE of DJ’s is not only going to enrich the visitors’ knowledge, but it will also offer a place to new dj’s who can improve their skills here. To feel, stimulate and develop: that is the power of HOUSE of DJ’s.

To become an enormous international attraction that will project the legacy of Dutch Dance: it is what HOUSE of DJ’s is up for. That is why the initiative consists of four pillars that will be able to carry out that task well together.


The four pillars of HOUSE of DJ’s

HOUSE of DJ´s consists of four pillars: The Experience Centre, the DJ Centre, the HOUSE of DJ’s Café (catering) and the Online Community.


Experience Centre

In the Experience Centre, visitors can experience what it is like to be anyone having to do with dance music such as dj’s, producers and tour managers.


DJ Centre

Next to that, there will be a place for dj’s – The DJ Centre – this is where they can learn all aspects of the profession and rent studios and production rooms.


Online Community

The last pillar is the internet: the Online Community. This will be the platform where visitors and those who are interested can share their experience(s) and relive them.


HOUSE of DJ’s Café

When our visitors and the dj’s are ready for a snack and a drink, they can go to the HOUSE of DJ’s Café, a catering facility that will have the ambiance of Dutch Dance.

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